Yesterday, the weather was really bad it was snowing lightly when Mingma and I went for an acclimatisation hike, but it worsened rapidly. Yesterday evening it was snowing heavily. I was already in my tent when Tsewang came to shake the snow from my tent and he warned me to keep an eye on it as he was afraid the tent might collapse under the load of snow. Apparently, it was a front with clear skies afterwards as it got extremely cold. Today, the weather looks ok. It is sunny with clouds. It stopped snowing which is good as the horses cannot come up if there is too much snow. KY1 is still in the clouds and it looks too dangerous to climb as the risk of avalanches is too high. We might climb KY2 (6240 m) instead as it is less avalanche prone. Tsewang will try to change the permit today. We have 3 days left and that might just be enough for KY2 if the weather holds.

Acclimatisation hike to ~5350 m