The Kangchenjunga 2022 Team

For the Kangchenjunga Expedition 2022, Namgya formed a large team of guides, kitchen staff and porters to help the climbers reaching the summit. This team exists of thirteen sherpa-guides:

Namgya Sherpa – Nepal (Expedition Head) – my sherpa-brother whom I first met on Antarctica when I climbed Mount Vinson in 2011, and with whom I clombed on Everest in 2012, 2015, and 2016.

Pasang Sherpa – Nepal (Head Guide) – Namgya’s younger brother, with whom I summitted Mount Everest in 2016.

Pemba Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide) – Namgya’s brother-in-law (Wongmu’s youngest brother) with whom I summitted Manaslu in 2021 and who was also with me on Everest 2012.

Lakpa Sherpa (Zarok) – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Lakpa Sherpa (Tension) – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Pemba Chirring Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Lakpa Chirring Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Akash Rai – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Gyalzen Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide

)Jamgbu Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Da Jangbu Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Pasang Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Ngawang Paljor Sherpa – Nepal (Ast. Guide)

Furthermore a number of chefs and kitchen staff:

Jasbir Tamang – Nepal (Head Chef)

Gyan Bahadur Rai – Nepal (2nd Chef)

Nima Tashi Sherpa – Nepal (Sherpa cook)

Chhyotar Sherpa – Nepal (BC KB)

Subai Tamang – Nepal (BC KB)

Pemba Thakche Sherpa – Nepal (LKB)

Several porters:

Jitendra Rai – Nepal (Porter)

Raj Rai – Nepal (Porter)

Dev Kulung Rai – Nepal (Porter)

Pranya Rai – Nepal (Porter)

Apart from myself there are 12 other climbers from all over the world:

John Gill – Canada (Team Lead)

Eli Potter – USA (Climber)

Arie Van De Kolk – Netherlands (Climber)

Jason Krishnan – Australia (Climber)

Catalin Mastan – Romania (Climber)

Teodor-Petru Tulpan – Romania (Climber)

Bharath Thammineni – India (Climber)

Suresh Babu Gullamarusu – India (Climber)

Satyadeep Gupta – India (Climber)

Amit Kumar – India (Climber)

Vinay Bhushan – India (Climber)

Brij Mohan Sharma – India (Climber)

Finally, we will be joined up to Kangchenjunga base camp by 4 trekkers:

Adam Bailey – Australia (Trekker)

Lisanne Alfons – Netherlands (Trekker)

Stewart Millar – Scotland (Trekker)

Donald Potter – USA (Trekker)