Kilimanjaro 2013

Kilimanjaro 2013

The Kilimanjaro is located on the border of Kenia and Tanzania and, with 5895 m, the highest peak of Africa.

In 2013, I climbed Kilimanjaro with both my sons, Arend (then aAbsolute_Africa_CKpopup7ged 14) and Leindert (then aged 21) via the Rongai-route. That is the longer route from the north as it would allow a longer acclimatisation for the boys.We started in Nairobi, took a shuttle bus to Moshi from where we started the hike.



P1040382 P1040399 P1040390 20130717_181817

From Moshi, we went to Naremoru Gate, the entrance of Kilimanjaro National Park where we met our skillful and highly dedicated guides: Alfred and William.P1040450 P1040449Alfredwilliam

Then we started our 7 day hike through 5 distinct climate zones: from agricultural low land, through tropical rain forest, followed by low alpine heather and moorlands, then alpine highland desert, and finally arctic at the summit.20130720_101611 20130719_130018 P1040462 P1040676 P1040669 P1040612 P1040596The summit day was strenuous for the boys and Arend, severely suffering from high altitude disease, had to return at Gilmans Point (5685 m), 210 metres below the summit… We reached the summit at sunrise. P1040815 P1040822 P1040831 P1040835 P1040838 P1040839 P1040841 P1040842 topfoto

After summiting, we descended via the Marangu route and returned to Nairobi. P1040869 P1040857 P1040854 P1040848 P1040996 P1040993 P1040963 20130724_110439 P1040890 P1040887

In Nairobi we had dinner in The Carnivore and visited some cultural highlights, such as the National museum with the oldest human remains (e.g. the Turkana boy).P1050087 P1050085 20130726_211632 20130726_195637 20130726_143959 20130726_124440 20130726_123913At the very end of our trip, before we flew home to Amsterdam, we made a safari-trip where we were lucky enough to see virtually all the great game…P1050291 P1050282 P1050270 P1050265 P1050246 P1050228 P1050221 P1050197 P1050192 P1050175 P1050171 P1050140 P1050130 P1050124kili certificaat peter


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