The 2015 Expedition

In 2015, my second attempt to climb Mount Everest came to a sudden stop when the Big Quake occurred and the Chinese authorities forbade the continuation of all Himalaya expeditions…

In the sub-menus you can find general information on the chosen route, time schedules, team members, and the fundraiser to help the victims of the earthquake etc. of this expedition.

The actual account of the expedition and photos can be found in the Everest 2015 blog.

11 thoughts on “The 2015 Expedition”

  1. Dear Peter

    Good to hear and read you are ok after the heavy earthquake and still keeping up an optimistic and realistic mood. Be careful and safe. best regards from Wageningen. Ivonne

  2. Peter,
    Very glad to hear that you are safe. I hope you overcome all the challenges and achieve all objectives. Looking forward to hearing your stories when you are back. Take care!

  3. Peter – I learnt about the sad event in Nepal, i.e., the heavy earthquake, but am glad to read that you guys are not impacted. Trust you will be successful and look fwd hearing about your stories afterwards.

    Be safe!

  4. Peter, tijdens het klussen bij Leindert en Elisabeth over jou gehad.
    Je bent nu aan het acclimatiseren rond de 5000 meter heb ik begrepen te lezen. Wat een prachtige foto’s, nu het echte werk! doe voorzichtig, geniet van de prachtige natuur! en een groet uit Rijnsburg

  5. Peter,

    I wish you the very best of luck as you embark your second attempt to conquer Everest. I really hope you summit this time. Be sure to take care and get home safely!

  6. Lieve broer,
    Heel veel succes met deze nieuwe poging.
    Ik wens je van harte toe dat het deze keer lukt en vooral dat je veilig, gezond en voldaan weer thuis komt eind mei.
    Wees voorzichtig.
    Heel veel liefs,

  7. Beste Peter,
    Heel veel succes met de beklimming van de Everest!
    We zullen je volgen tijdens de expeditie.
    En…..kom vooral heel terug.
    Hartelijke groet,
    Robin Baks
    Directeur NKBV

  8. Peter,
    I still think you are slightly mad but I suspect that is a bit ironic coming from your ‘mad twin’. I wish you the best on this attempt and keep my fingers crossed that you achieve your goal and conquer Everest. Most importantly come back intact and healthy!

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