Today (18 april) we hiked from Cheram to Ramche. In Ramche we will stay for another 2 nights. We left around 8:20 h after the camp was fully broken down and packed. The group moved very slowly and as soon as the first porters passed I decided to walk with them. The altitude difference between Chetam and Ramche is around 600 m. Even amongst the porters there is a difference in speed. I could easily keep up with them and the 2 youngest and fastest kind of challenged me. Needless to say that I need very little incentive to get into competitive mode and we ran up, without breaks to arrive at 11 h. It went very well and I feel very strong. I seem to acclimatise well. Kudos to the Anita’s, Irene and Caroline @TH-fitness as their training seems to pay off! Now waiting for the group to arrive and the remaining porters.