Glacier Camp

Yesterday we had a relaxing day in Ramche, we only made an acclimatisation tour on one of the nearby slopes to ~ 4800 m. In the afternoon. I ‘ve been listening to music. Suresh was seen by a medic of the Nepalese army that happened to pass by. He might have a urinary tract infection and went down to Cheram. Today (20 april) we got up early as we moved to Glacier Camp we said goodbye to Don and Steward who will continue their trek The climbers got up to Oktang where we crossed the morene and went down to Yalung glacier. We followed the glacier that continuously goes up and down and is largely covered in mud and stones. Unfortunately, the weather turned really bad, first with hail stones and then with snow. The snow got heavier which made the rocks very slippery. Luckily no accidents passed and we reached the place for the camp after about six and a half hours It’s all very cold and wet. Tomorrow we will move to KBC. Hopefully the weather is better then.