Happy New Year 2073

New Years Eve at Vino Bistro, Kathmandu

Today is Nepali New Year, hence yesterday evening was New Year’s Eve – a big event: all streets were even more crowded than usual. After our dinner in the Garden of Dreams, we went back to our hotel. Ciprian and myself decided to go out to see some of the celebrations. We found a nice wine bar with roof terrace, but actually there was not so much to see, more to listen: loud music everywhere.

New Year in Thamel

When we came back, I noticed that Dawa was online. We chatted and he told me they had had a rough drive, but were getting c;lose to the Tibetan border. This morning I spoke with Namgya, he confirmed that they are at close to Timure and hope to pass the border tomorrow. The Chinese have opened the border and the Russians (Abramov’s 7 Summits team) and the Swiss (Kari Kobler’s expedition) had already passed.

Prem told me that our visa are ready and he will bring them to us tomorrow at 7 AM, before we take of to the airport to fly to Lhasa.