Up to Camp 1

This morning we left around 11 h for C1, which is 900 m higher than
MBC. It was snowing, but nevertheless quite hot outside the wind. We
had hoped to get above the clouds around 5400 m, but unfortunately it
kept snowing. Finally, when we reached C1 at 5776 m, it stopped. Pemba
set up the tent and we are now trying to make coffee. It took us 4 1/2
h to get up to C1 which is longer than the previous time, but we were
now both carrying a full backpack. Actually, it was quite hard to get
up and we took frequent rests. Especially the last stretch at ~5700 m
is very steep. Nevertheless, we seem quite well acclimatised. The tent
is in utter chaos. Pemba threw everything in and we will definitively
have to reorganise a bit before we can go prepare dinner and go
sleeping. The plan is to continue tomorrow to C2 at around 6400 m.