Relief programmes started successfully in Chourikharka

Wongmu Sherpa, who coordinates the programme to help re-building Lukla, has joint forces. In a joint effort of “Tiles for the roof of the world” with similar earthquake relief programmes funded through Barbara Byam and Bryan Wood & Ellen Ruggles,  food was supplied to families in Chourikharka, a village less than a mile from Lukla which was severely hit in the earthquake of April 25th and again in the quake of May 12th. The food supplies allow the families to keep (re)building their homes without worrying about an income to buy food.20151007_231054-1 20151007_231910 20151007_231925


Of course, the very best way to help Nepal overcome all the problems caused by the recent earthquakes is to visit this fascinating country. There are endless possibilities for trekking and climbing. Visit for instance to get an idea of the possibilities.