Welcome to the home page of the Dutch Everest Expedition 2015

This is the official page of the Dutch Everest Expedition 2015.

Dutch Everest logoI will try to keep this page up-to-date during the expedition. At the start that should be doable as there is connectivity in Nepal and in Tibet as long as we are on the way to Base Camp. I expect to have connectivity whilst in Base Camp as well. However, beyond Base Camp it will be a challenge, but I may be able to provide updates by satellite phone.


Please, check back regularly for updates.

Note: The previous sites Dutch Everest 2012 can be found under “Seven Summits” in the menu…

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the home page of the Dutch Everest Expedition 2015”

  1. Haai Peter
    Ben in bidden niet zo goed, maar wens je veel geluk toe en een geslaagde toppoging en natuurlijk een goede afdaling.
    Gr. Bob

  2. Ha Peter, wat een mooie uitdrukking: to bid farewell. We bidden je ook vaar/klim-wel toe. Geniet en doe voorzichtig. Lfs

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