From Yasang to Torangdin (Torontang etc.)

A long hike today (15 april), after an awful night in Hellok. I slept on a kind of balcony and non-stop porters, climbers, and trekkers passed by, shining in your face with their head-lamps, a dog underneath the balcony was non-stop barking and outside they were celebrating Nepalese New Year. Anyway, after breakfast we set out for a hike up to Torangdin, about 840 m up, but with a lot of undulation in the terrain. We expected it would take 6 to 8 hours. As usual I went pretty quick but that worked against me this time. At a bifurcation of the path there was a sign ‘to KBC’ which looked on the map the right direction, whilst the other side was ‘Lase bridge’ that apparently would bring you to the wrong side of the river. I climbed 5-10 min in the direction of KBC, sat down at a nice spot, had lunch and waited for the others. When no one had shown up after more than an hour, I realised I was probably wrong. So, I went back, followed the stone-men that brought me to the river. I crossed it which was pretty difficult and I realised most people in our team would not be able to do it. So I went back and tried to go stream upward, again not a good plan. Finally I went back to the last stone man and looked carefully around for a stone man and discovered a tiny one that led to the mountain slope. That was the right way and actually, you pass the river twice before arriving in Torangdin. Pasang already walked down to look for me as the rest of the team had arrived 20 min earlier at the Green View lodge where we stay tonight.