After returning safely home, my completion of the Seven Summits was celebrated in many ways. As can be seen on the ‘News coverage page‘ the story got good coverage in the local and regional press.

At work and several working groups I’m on, it was celebrated with huge cakes shaped after Everest (apparently, there was great concern about my weight loss !).

Special 'welcome back' cake at Shell Health
Special ‘welcome back’ cake at Shell Health
Mt Everest-shape cake (thanks Marc Ruijten !) at Toetsgroep Probit Relaties

It  culminated on September 3rd when the Rijnland Chapter of the Royal Dutch Mountaineering Society awarded me an honorary membership.

Dick Ooms, president of the Rijnland Chapter, presenting the honorary award.


Charter Honorary Membership – The board of the NKBV Rijnland Chapter has decided to appoint as an honorary member of the Chapter: Peter Boogaard  –  For his commitment to the Chapter over many years as instructor, mentor for the youth training, the management of the materials depot, the design and maintenance of the Education Centre, his many efforts for the national activities of the NKBV, and his inspiring example for all members by climbing Mount Everest on May 21st 2016, and with that completing the Seven Summits.