Revised Itinerary….

The Chinese authorities have informed us that we cannot enter Tibet veverest 2016ia the Friendship Bridge in Zhangmu as planned because the administrative units in Zhangmu and Kerong are still not operational due to the earthquakes last year. Hence we are forced to travel through Lhasa.

We were also told that, since they are still coping with issues related to the earthquakes, only a limited number of climbers will be admitted. The good news is that climbers who had a permit last spring, get priority this year. The bad news is that they won’t accept the revoked permits from last year as they promised when we were evacuated last year. We will have to buy a new permit for this year.

The 2016 Expedition

The Dutch Everest 2016 Expedition is on…

On April 10everest 2016th, I’ll fly to Kathmandu for the third attempt to climb  Mount Everest. Like in 2015, we will try again from the Tibetan side, following the Mallory route.

The blog of the Dutch Everest 2015 expedition can be found here and of the Dutch Everest 2012 expedition here.