2nd Rotation – Camp 2

We climbed from C1 to C2 and, again, I am totally exhausted as it extremely steep and demanding. It cost us an hour less than previous time, but it felt harder. At a few occasions, I had to stop as it turned black before my eyes. The crevasses and steep snow slopes have deepened and the ice wall had turned into an slight overhang since last week. Although not too difficult, several people simply failed to get over it . Pemba and I have been hanging under the overhang for more than half an hour. As Pemba realised that the half dozen people above us would never make it across the overhang, he got out on to a ledge and hauled a ladder up. With another sherpa he fixed it across the overhang to offer an escape for the ones stuck. Once I finally cleared the ice wall after hanging there endlessly, I felt totally done and we held a super long break. When we left it was very foggy, but now the sun started to peek through the fog making it very warm. As we both also carried a big load of supplies and oxygen cinders, this was by far the hardest day so far. Now in the tent, melting snow for coffee.